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Definitive solutions from 100% synthetic waste

Everyone talks about environmental protection ‐ we practice it and reduce the CO2 emissions

Updates: Media reports about Reluma International GmbH and our material Relumat2000

Please follow these links to videos, press articles and press releases about Reluma International GmbH and our products made of Relumat2000™.


Ecofriendly railway sleepers: plastic instead of wood (in German) Report of MDR Sachsenspiegel (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk)

Press article

A new bridge made of old yogurt containers (in German) Report of THW Kronach
Rehabilitation of bike path bridges (in German) Report of Freie Presse
Inauguration of the Preßnitztal bike path (in German) Report of Freie Presse
Cottbuser Parkbahn runs on plastics (in German) Report of Lausitzer Rundschau
Germany is world champion in recycling (in German) Report of Deutsche Welle
Donation: New sandpit for daycare center in Kronach (in German) Report of infranken.de
Yogurt pots become railway sleepers (in German) Report of oiger.de
Plastics for the coast: Reluma wants to continue prospering (in German) Report of Freie Presse
Plastic waste is to become building material - Byfusion wants to compress plastic waste to building blocks (in German) Article of EnBauSa.de

Press releases

Reluma International GmbH at GaLaBau 2014 (in German) Press release of Regionalmanagements Erzgebirge
Parkbahn uses „Gelber Sack“ (in German) Press release of Cottbusverkehr GmbH
Innovative recycling plastic for landscaping (in German) Press release of Reluma International GmbH


Bridge renovated with Relumat2000 in Neuses, Kronach

Bridge renovated with Relumat2000™ in Neuses, Kronach




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Relumat2000™: the highly resilient construction material of the future, made 100% from recycled plastic